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Emily Cowall

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ANTHRO 2U03 – June 27, 2013 – Dr. Emily Cowall Plagues in History Limitations of evidence  What we may never know about the past Palaeopathology - the science of knowing about diseases  Through the remnants of human tissue  Medical anthropology - looking at the larger picture of disease and how it's included into a culture group and its effects  Compare to other studies - many discourse in comparison  Epidemiological transitional theory -NO QUESTIONS ABOUT THIS Mummys  Natural mummification happened to Tollund man found in peat bog in Denmark,  Peat: a ground condition in which the soil, plants and materials are compact and its spongy and highly dense decayed material, very wet o Exists usually in regions that are mountainous, and desert like  Was not exposed to air (anaerobic) so helped in his mummification through natural means  Very well preserved  Frozen conditions -> mummified through freezing  Global warming -> more and more bodies that will be revealed Skeletal and Dental Pathology  Different bone structures to give clues about where they come from and gender  For ex. Calcaneus longer in other parts, affects Achilles tendon and gastrocnemius and pelvis Leprosy  Were seen as people who were undesirable  Could not be among the healthy  Became a social symbol, highly stigmatised individuals Developmental Anomalies  Heritable disease  Spina bifida - the spine splits, so there's a cavern o Spinal cord exposed
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