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War and Plagues

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Karen Slonim

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War and PlaguesKey IssuesThe silent foe Epidemic typhus fever and Napoleons Russian campaign 1812 Bubonic plague and the Vietnam War 196473 Epidemics have dominated military campaigns throughout history 1Effects of warrelated epidemics depend on the social context in which they occur BosniaHerzegovina 1993 vs Zaire 1997 2War conditions may influence pathogen virulence 1918 influenzaThe Silent FoeEpidemics dominated military campaigns since ancient timesWHY Create conditions that engender disease among troops Often spreads to civilians Huge population aggregationLack of sanitationBreakdown of rules and regulations Crimean War 185356 Florence Nightingales statistics showed60 English soldiers died from diseases per annum Disease not combat was wiping them out Epidemic typhus and Napoleons Russian Campaign 1812Only18 reached MoscowWHAT HAPPENED Campaign should have been a successhe had technology plenty of people etcTyphus epidemic known as camp feverTyphus Web of biosocial interactionsHot dry summerlack of water contaminated wellsFood scarcity from supply line problemshunger Fear of attackcrowding Dysentery enteric fevers EPIDEMIC What is typhusCharacterized by sudden fever headaches chills and rash Case fatality rate of 3070 percent Disease of filth occurred in crowded fetid places Known as prison fever ship fever jail fever A disease of misery and want
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