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Introduction to the Maya

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Laura Finsten

Introduction to the Maya Who were the ancient MayaJungle cities with grand palaces sculptures hieroglyphic texts o Not all Maya lived in jungles and over time fewer Maya lived in jungles o An incredible complex form of written language o Sculptures were often dedicated to important gods o Maya plastered and painted the interior walls of rooms o Stelastone sculptureApproximately 10ft EX Stela of one the kings of Copan 18 Rabbitvery elaborate head dress and costumeBuilt platforms reservoirs causeways defensive walls o Platforms were built in the deep jungle to raise the buildings off of the wet ground o Reservoirs were built to store rainwater o Causeways slightly elevated roads were built to make moving from one city to the next much easier o Defensive walls were sometimes built around the entire city or just around the parts of the city where the elite livedTikalruled by a dynasty of greater than 30 kings o History of more than seven centuries o One of the most well known Mayan places o Abandoned ca 900 AD approximately 1100 years ago over a period of decades the people stopped building new palaces and maintaining the existing ones o Stopped writing hieroglyphics tho First seen by Europeans in the 19 CCity of Pa
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