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Terminology, Chronology, and Theory

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Laura Finsten

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Terminology Chronology and Theory TerminologyComplex societycivilizations are terms that are used interchangeablybut they are not exactly the same thingComplex society has more complicated heterogeneous organization than egalitarian societyo Political systems o Systems of social stratification o Economic specializations o Differentiated institutions o Larger in population sometimes in territory o Status and role differences beyond those defined by gender and age o Complex societies are characterized by differential access to resources wealthy are usually the only people allowed to own land goods made of specific materials like gold allowed to engage in the importation and sale of specific goods o Leads to economic and sociopolitical inequalities o Ranking based on a system of kinship groupsgroups of people who share a common ancestry and stratification determined at birth and remain unchanged throughout lifeEgalitarian society o Only inequalities are based on gender and age o No social classes social statuses tend not to differ no differentiation in wealth o No specialized political roles inequalities in powerCivilization how complex societies are physically manifestedo Concept is more subjective o Usually refers to sophisticated cultural social and intellectual developments writing systems monumental art o Often characterized b
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