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Maya Kingship

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Laura Finsten

Maya KingshipThe divinity of kings as State Religion Kings and ReligionDivine powerultimate sanction of worldly authority in the realm of the supernaturalReligion permeated all aspects of lifeNo aethists in the ancient Maya worldReligion explain to people how the world came to be and that humans place was in the order of thingsReligion ensured people that if they did the right things the world would be good to themSupernaturalthe godscreated and sustained the world and humansRuler plays a central role in communications between gods humans and often royal ancestors ie the founder of the dynastyCommunication was necessary to petition asked or given gifts the godskeep them on your sideOne of the most central roles of Mayan kings was to keep the gods on their sideCommunication was necessary to sustain the gods upon whose wellbeing the world and humanity depended The Nature of Maya godsku means sacred entity or holy sacred divine As a noun is translated as godwaywayob means animal companion spiritschu is he vital force inhabitating the blood energizes people and a variety of objects life force o In the bloodMaya gods may assume special human or animal formsEmbody specific natural forces eg ligh
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