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Richard B Day

Blood Diamonds Throughout the course of history mankind has always had to face the various global issues that are present on this earth Political environmental and economic conflicts rage even to this day with little effort made to solve these issues and brighten the future Therefore less developed nations are affected the worst In many parts of Africa conflict diamonds have been illegally traded for years and the profit is used by warlords and rebels to buy armed weapons and continue to gain power across the vast continent A lust for power and wealth has always been the motivation behind these issues causing a heavy price to pay for the innocent civilians caught up in the chaos The extreme violence and innocent lives lost over the extraction and illegal trading of these diamonds continues to be one of the most tragic issues that is still relevant today As valuable as diamonds are seen to be their value cannot compare to that of human life This essay will describe the dire situation in western Africa as proven by the situation with the rebels the civilians and the effect on the governmentBlood diamonds are having a negative impact on Africa The corruption caused by warlords and rebel forces is extreme they want to gain control of the mines and they will achieve their goals at all costs One of the concerns of the diamond industry in Africa is their direct impact on the civil wars within the country Diamonds are crucial to warlords because they are able to trade the jewels for weapons that spark wars in their pursuit for power A rebel group called the RUF is the leading cause for over seventy five thousand deaths RUF have been known to rape and torture their victims with little regard to age or gender Even children are victims of their violence and are even forced to join the rebel forces as well The diamonds are
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