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05/02/13 Forensic anthropology and mass disasters Forensic Anthro Disaster response and management protocols - In most countries there is a protocol for responding to mass disasters. - Typical measures put in place when an event occurs (mass fatality incident) - A mass fatality incident means that there has been more deaths than local resources can handle - There is no absolute number of MFI, depends on location of the event and the resources they have. It is up to the local government to make this decision - Public safety Canada - Official gov’t plan put in place if there is any major emergency - Federal emergency response plan (FERP) Disaster response - Usually there is a local response and if it becomes a mass fatality incident, the local authorities call in federal agencies. - In the US, they call the federal agency called DMORT (disaster mortuary operational response team) and in Canada, they call the federal agency called DART (disaster assistance response team) - The function of these agencies is if invited, they assist local authorities in MFI - They come in only when requested - Suite of people who become members of these regional response teams: o Pathologists o Forensic anthropologist o Forensic odontologist o Morgue workers o Funeral directors - If you are dealing with a mass disaster, temporary, portable morgues are set up - Search, recovery, documentation, examination, ID, database, admin, safety officers and specialists, med/psych support, repatriation (refers to arranging to return the remains of a victim to the family) Role of the forensic anthropologist - Work in search and recovery sections AND as part of the ID team in the morg
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