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Forensics 3FA3 Lecture 1

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Andrew Wade

Forensics 3FA3 04/01/2014 Jan 8 2014 What is forensic anthro? Forensic Science= an discipline who’s members apply their knowledge and skill in a legal context Locating human remains take standard archeological techniques for survey. try to locate in surface remains- areal and ground surveys to identify entrance points Recovering Remains located remains through map analysis and surface survey- set about recovering remains and any other relevant evidence -thorough and systematic. collect and document all things around area animal vs human bear/human pig molars vs human molars is it forensically significant? does bone and context in which it is found indicate that it is recent remains that it is something we should investigate forensically. are they just archeological remains? Taphonomy study of decaying organisms over time and how they become fossilized (if they do) changes that occur changes in colour of bones- and if they are consistent with burial enviro time since death how long have they been exposed to enviro identification • General Sex Age Ancestry Stature • Specific Past Trauma Disease Bone Wear Patterns Anomalies cause/manner/mode of death manner=homicide, suicide accident, natural, undetermined mode= what act led to the death evidence of strangulation or execution? Projectile, sharp and blunt force trauma Blunt force trauma= physical trauma caused to a body part (non-sharpened) –baseball bats, bricks or lamps Projectile force trauma= an injury caused by a blow from a heavy moving sharp object –bullets, arrows, spears Sharp force trauma= injuries caused by sharp implements- knives Forensic anthropology in forensic sciences Forensic science on tv.. they do it all Investigate scene Collect evidence Help with autopsy Interview suspects Analyze evidence Make arrests = UNREALISTIC in real like: May or may not investigate by themselves Not present at autopsy etc.. CSI effect Unrealistic expectations Publics perspectives- what is possible for us to do with the resources and time we have available to us Familiarity jurors think they have – cases being miss tried jurors seem to now have expectation that there is DNAand fingerprint evidence, there has been a demand for DNA…without it, there is a lack of evidence for proving the crime What do forensic scientists do? Forensic Science Careers Crime LabAnalyst Crime Scene Examiner Criminalist ForensicAnthropologist Forensic Biologist Forensic Computer Examiner Forensic Document Examiner Forensic Engineer Forensic Odontologist Forensic Pathologist (MD) Forensic Psychologists & Psychiatrists Forensic Sedimentologist Forensic Toxicologist Crime lab scientists Degree in filed of expertise (min-Bsc) Bio (hair/DNA) Chem (toxicology/residues) Chem and physics (toolmarks/firearms) Special in-house training supervised/mentored: Cant work cases alone Regular testing Entry level=technician Pass tests=scientist Forensic investigators Crime scence investigators- collecting evidence in field and not lab st Police/RCMP – 1 ppl on scene Medical Examiner/Coroner who, how, when, what, where  It is up to the coroner to identify the major things within the scene of death (trained death investigator that have plenty of experience )the difference between a medical examiner and a coroner , is that the coroner does not have to be a MD, except in PEI and ONT, and a medical examiner must have a medical degree, and doesn’t always get judicially involved…they can both be at a death scene but have different functions coroner wont conduct medical examinations-have other ppl do it Coroner has the legal responsibility for the welfare of that body Take custody of body Identification Officers (Ident.) (police) Ident officers- or SOCO officers (scene of crime officers)- collect evidence and document it. photographs, video, fingerprint, trace, biological evidence (e.g., blood spatter) Consultants* - if required Ontario coroners system Ministry of community safety and corr services Policing services correctional ser
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