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Andrew Wade

04/01/2014 Jan 10 2014 Historical development Origins- 19 century (Thomas Dwight)- first person to get into features in det age and sex in bones of skeleton Father of forensic anthro Primarily looking at skull- no looking at if male or female or how tall they were but interested in early physical antrho –do they belong to black-Asian… Formative period 1800’s-1938 Dev of bio profiling Methods of det age and sex of bones Use large anatomical skeletal collections X-rays first characterized/discovered Modern light microscopy was made possible- up until now difficult to light object by microscopy 1895- see increase use of radiography an microscopy first case of forensic science was in 1849 George partman- killed by john Webster- owed him money there was a professor murderer, well known and respected physician at Harvard…instead of paying him back he killed him and hid the body in the lab, and people found the body Cut in pieces and put in septic tank Burned the head The bones were reconstructed, found that it was a male roughly 5/10, matched the teeth survived to the molds which the dentist had making this an original case during the formative period 1912-1938- end of formative period, dr t Todd started the Hammond Todd collection- skeletal collection of 26 hundred people terry collection in s.t Lewis made- 16 hundred and 36 collection in Toronto- grant collection formed by anatomy professor these were large and valuable collections for us today mostly made up of poor male skeletons AfricanAmericas predominantly- Riot in new york with children- and saw cadavours being dissected0 huge uproar Grant collection example of male and poor status Fewer old and young people-not in same conditions yet Instead of seeing full range and variation- just get slice of pie Mutter museum- Philadelphia 1858 soap lady- fatty tissues turned to soap- modern mummy woman buried in basic soils so fat in body turned to soap lots of collections of field dev and abnormalities Mutter museum, cranial features and other things analyzing the craniums of criminals… The mutter museum has a lot of pathological and anatomical sessions…people with gigantism… for a long time in forensic science these are the
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