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forensics 3FA3 lecture 4

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Andrew Wade

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04/01/2014 04/01/2014 Jan 15 2014 Appendicular Axis (appendages) Upper Limb Clavicle (collar bone)-2 Scapula-2 Humerus-2 Radius (forearm) 2 -lateral Ulna (forearm)-2 - medial Hands-2 –carpal, metacarpal and phalanges Shoulder Girdle (3 bones) most moveable joint is the shoulder -reason we have the clavicle- keep shoulder from collapsing scapula , clavicle and humerus Arm and Hand Humerus =long bone-has shaft and epihysial ends Ulna wraps around joints 04/01/2014 The Hand 27 bones in each hand carpals▯ small bones in wrist (8) metacarpals▯ one for each finger and thumb. Long, thin, tubular bones (5) phalanges▯ each finger has 3, proximal, middle and distal and thumb has 2 (14) Pelvis-3 bones Innominate/ os coxa (x2) Sacrum (part of axial skeleton) 04/01/2014 hip joined in front at pubic symphysis wrap around from front to back and support int
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