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ANTHROP 1AA3 Lecture Notes - Ethnocentrism, Critical Thinking

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Sandra Preston

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Day 3
January 15/2013
Anthropology 1AA3
What can I do with a Social Science degree?
- Provides you skills employers value
o Oral and written communication
o Analytical and problem solving skills
o Critical thinking skills
o Planning and implementing research
o Dealing with deadlines
Why are they hiring Anthropologists?
- Communicating in a globalized world understanding cultural diversity
o Written and verbal communication
Anthropologists make complex research findings comprehensible to a wide audience
o Multicultural communication
Cross-cultural perspectives
- Avoiding preconceptions (e.g. ethnocentrism) and recognizing varied perspectives
- Seeing the “big picture” (global/holistic perspective)
- Gathering, integrating, synthesizing and analyzing data
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