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ANTHROP 1AA3 Lecture Notes - Paleopathology

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Sandra Preston

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January 28/2012
Day 7
Anthropology 1AA3
You are a world famous Medical Anthropologist. You are asked to provide suggestions for culturally appropriate
medical interventions. What advice would you give the doctors and hospital administration?
- Incorporate indigenous/cultural idas about medicine and medical treatment
- Implement language-specific doctors, assistants translation (with patient permission)
- Hire someone with knowledge about the different cultures, about different religions (how that relates to
medical treatments)
- Get more information (e.g. forms) regarding patients’ background
- Doctors need some background about that patient
Do Humans Have the Same Disease Now as in the Past?
(Required reading chp. 4. Pg. 178-185)
- Paleopathology the study of disease and injury in the human skeleton (and sometimes mummies)
- Specialization in Physical Anthropology
- Paleopathology is reconstructive
Some Variables that Affect the Expression of Disease
- Nutritional status
- Immune response
- Age of the individual
- Social conditions (population density, access to medical care, water quality, etc.)
- Environmental conditions climate (temperature, precipitation, humidity)
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