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ANTHROP 1AA3 Lecture Notes - Omnivore, Potlatch, Kraft Dinner

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Sandra Preston

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March 25/2013
Anthropology 1AA3
Food and Nutrition
required reading pp. 97-110
* note you are not responsible for the section on pp. 102-107 “A capsule of cultures and conquests”
- Different cultures have different food guides
Six Major Classes of Nutrients
1) Carbohydrates
2) Fats macronutrients
3) Proteins (amino acids)
4) Vitamins micronutrients
5) Minerals
6) Water
Cultural Aspects of Food
- Food choices are determined by:
o Cultural
o Religious
o Environmental
o Economic
o Personal factors
o Others?
Food and Religion / Ritual
- Adam & Eve: took the forbidden fruit
- Ramadan: fasting is considered to be one of the five pillars of Islam, by denying food, it is a demonstration
of faith
- The Eucharist: transition of food into something much larger
Ritual Sacrifice and Cannibalism
- Mexico: day of the dead / feast of the dead
Celebrations, Rites of Passage
- Diwali
- Potlatch ceremonies
- Bar/Bat mitzvah
Food Restrictions and Taboos
- Some cannot consume cows
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