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Lecture 13

ANTHROP 1AA3 Lecture 13: Forensic Archaeology

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Andrew Wade

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Forensic Archaeology
Search and Recovery Process
- Preliminary Investigation
- Reconnaissance
o Using the five senses, without entering
- Planning
- Search Operation
- Mapping & Recovery
o Digging is destruction, must be prepped or lose information
Shoes markings
- The individual markings of the shoe are the important features
Recon & Search factors
- Size of search area
- Type of terrain
- Expected burial site
- Manpower and equipment
- Pros and cons o f methods
- Cost
- Time
Dump Site Characteristics
- Near crime scene
- Familiar to perpetrator
- Near a road or parking lot
- Downhill from road
- Solid easy to dig
- Secluded
- Accessible by flashlight
- Pre-existing features
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