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Lecture 3

1AA3 Lecture 3: Critical Evaluation and Library Sources

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Andrew Wade

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Anthropology 1AA3
Lecture 3: Critical Evaluation Library Sources
Library research Skills
Identify dierent types of information
3 Resources
- Books
oTrade books: a book you will "nd in chapters
oEducational books: Textbooks
oScholarly: Original thought from someone who is
- Periodicals
oScholarly Journals
- Internet
Popular vs. Scholarly, you have to consider
- Author
- Purpose
- Audience
- Vocabulary
- Any citations?
- Peer Reviewed?
Develop research Questions
- Take the topic you have been given
- Brainstorm
- Use references that give you things to think about
- Look up de"nitions or context that may be needed
Searching for resources
- Focus on the keywords that can help in "nding answers to your
research question
- Use synonyms
- Use Boolean Operators (using “and” and “or” for complex
searching. * and “ may also be used for portions of words or
speci"c words)
- Use more than one database because each database subscribes
to di;erent journals
- Ulrich’s Web can check if an article is Peer Reviewed
Citing Properly
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