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Lecture 6

ANTHROP 3HI3 Lecture Notes - Lecture 6: System On A Chip, Avail, Chronic Condition

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ANTHROP 3PD3 Lecture 06
January 25, 2016
Priscilla Medeiros, 1
Social and Cultural Complexities of Chronic Disease
Antigone and Paddy
Chronic pain threatens an individual’s sense of self
o Interferes with their tasks, plans and goals in life
o Interferes with how people discuss their past self
The real me references an individual’s past
o In the clinical setting “when the pain subsides” they are going to return to who
they once were the pain suspends them from being “who they really are
Pain disrupts all aspects of an individual’s life
o Limitations around work, home, leisure, etc.
o Feelings of fatigue, etc. ability to fulfil social roles (i.e. mother)
o Reduced quality of life and psychological function
Defining the Self:
Refers to who we are
o Interests, roles, values that we play, personality, character, social interactions,
education, etc.
Shaped by cultural, societal, familial, and individual values
Some aspects of the self can be changed
o Situations and culture can change aspects of our self
We can disguise ourselves based on how we want to perceived by different people
o Difference between who we are and how we present ourselves
Defining Identity:
More complex and dynamically formed
It is out public image
o What people see of ourselves
o We are sensitive to the stereotypes people place on us based on our illness
Created and maintained through social relationships
Speaks to how we relate to others
Antigone Example:
o Pain in back and neck for 8 years
o Parental anxiety prevented her from participating in activities
o “We didn’t travel far, we stayed in at night, we had to stay at home in lightening
storms, I wasn’t allowed to have a boyfriend it shaped how she treated her
children etc.”
o Antigone’s experiences shaped the way that she understands pain and life and
she reflected these onto her own children
§ She allowed others in her social circle to shape her identity
Self and Identity Changes:
Pain influences how the self is experienced
Chronic illness does not define a person
o In our desire to live a normal life, we downplay the psychological and emotional
struggles in an attempt to maintain our “old self”
o Loss of a lifestyle can leave many people with gaps in their lives and feelings of
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