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Lecture 21

ANTHROP 3HI3 Lecture Notes - Lecture 21: Biopolitics, Therapeutic Community, Safe Sex

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ANTHROP 3HI3 Lecture 21
March 31, 2016
Priscilla Medeiros, 1
Lecture: Part 4: Biopolitics and the State
1990s- interest international community development and humanitarian issues globally
Global HIV activist groups, heath network, displaced local politics on behalf of population
NGOs- advocacy and service delivery and the services center around similar primary
care and maintenance and long-term solutions for immediate needs- housing, stability
unemployment and poverty
Therapeutic citizen- activist groups, heath advocacy groups and HIV
Nyugen reading- Biopolitics- specific cases study
Exam non-cumulative
Understanding Blame
Different types of Blame:
1. Internal blame: self-blame- in three narratives in AIDS- one individual interprets events in
life as caused by themselves- feelings of guilt and shame- embodying social processes
and racial discrimination and blaming for actions when they are not responsible- mother
to child, hemophiliac
2. External blame: blaming others- negative outcomes to situations then taking
responsibility- finger point approach in stigma- took place in 80s and 4’hs
3. Societal blame: blaming social and structural factors for negative outcome- not to a
person but societal factors like lack of resources- not point finger at individual for blame
but societal factors leading to negative outcomes
On Final exam****
Defining Biopolitics
A way to control the population as a whole
Takes two forms: normalize the body (ones experiences with illness and disease- cannot
have own understanding on illness told how to feel with biomedicine framework), and
manage, regulate, and quantify populations as a whole (attacking movements, size,
sanitation, birthing rates, epidemics)
1970s- Foucault introduced bio power or Biopolitics- power and governance affect
individual body
Is regulating body by government- public policy and legalisation not meeting needs of
Improve population health through policies and economic efforts- DE Valier regime
Control population
Population politic problem- extended power over all processes of life
Question: What does “global Biopolitics” mean?
Outside borders- humanitarian aid global
How and why governments get involved in global affairs- world health organization
Humanitarian- UN ADS, UN PEACEKEEPERS, doctors without borders
International organization governing body on
Get involved due to health concerns that worry that it will spread across border
Example cholera
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