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Art History
Neil Mc Kay

Ancient Greece -culture that is based on trade; grains, exporting wine, grapes, oil, and artifacts -made commodity for liquids, therefore many pots -styles of pots for different purposes Amphora and krater: pots; highly aesthetically decorated and commemorative Amorpha pot shows a gentle moment between Achilles and Ajax prior to the battle playing a game, value rational thought, -sanctuary place where a god has a special presence -sanctuary of Apollo, functions as an oracle, can go and talk to a person who is a mediator between gods and humans and will answer question -polytheistic religion: worshipping many gods and goddesses -deities also adopted in the roman religion with different names temple of aphaia, aegina 500 BCE Greek temples meant to be seen at all sides, most of the rituals and worshipping occurs outside of the temple -pediment (triangular part of the temple) -west pediment of the temple of aphaia: shows a battle with Athena in the middle and is bigger than other figures -sculptures were originally painted -reconstruction of an archer: example of naturalism Period Styles in Ancient Greece Geometric 900-700 BCE Archaic 600-480 BCE Classical 480-323 BCE Early Classical 480-450 BCE High Classical 450-400 BCE Late Classical 400-323 BCE Hellenistic 323-31/30 BCE geometric period: figures highly stylized according to basic shapes -man and centaur; votive structure in sanctuary Archaic period: stylized, symmetrical, shoulders level, subtle carving to indicate anatomy, Archaic smile -athletic male celebrated in the nude while women were not. -Berlin Kore; important figure in Greek mythology, was trapped in the underworld by eating What does classical mean? -comes from the latin word classis, division of people into classes base
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