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Art History
Sally Mc Kay

May 12 Early Roman and Roman Empire Art Etruscans 7th century BCE509 BCE The Roman Republic 50927 BCE The Early Roman Empire 27 BCE96 CE common era The High Imperial Era 96 CE192 CE The Late Roman Empire 3rd and 4th centuries CEThe EtruscansEtruscan wealth came from fertile soil and an abundance of metal ore both farmers and metalworkers the Etruscans were also sailors and merchants Etruscan artists knew and drew inspiration from Greek and Near Eastern artEtruscan Architecturecities were laid out on grid plans like in Egypt and Greece but with one differencetwo main streets one usually running north to South and the other East to Westdivided the city into quarters with the towns business district centered at their intersection house shaped funerary urns and decorated interiors of tombs to resemble housesdwellings were designed around a central courtyard atrium that was open to the sky with a pool or cistern fed by rainwater Porta Augusta is one of the few remaining examples of Etruscan monumental architecturetunnel like passageway between two huge towers this gate is significant for anticipating the Roman use of the round archthe decorative section is filled with a row of circular panels or roundels alternati
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