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Lecture 16

ARTHIST 2C03 Lecture 16: Roman Art L16 - feb 14

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Art History
Martin Beckmann

Iclicker: poseidon relevant to the minotaur painting, house of the vettii: trinclinium D Answer: he is the one that sends the bull in the first place Lecture 16 - Erotic Art and Function of Painting Porta Marina - What does this mean? - eruption of vesuvius took place in august, and buried a city that dates back to prehistoric times. - 3 large bath buildings in pompeii. They are not spread throughout the city, but they are close to the forum. One by the temple of jupiter and one by the porta marina. These have an important role in the daily life of the people in pompeii Forum baths 1) Palaestra → where you exercise 2) Apoditerium (changing room) 3) Frigidarium --> cold pool/bath 4) Tepidarium → warm bath → built in masonry set of cupboards, the ceiling has a lot of decorations but it falls off the walls easily. Called “stucko” (?) 5) Caldarium → hot bath Practice questions: 1) In what year was pompeii destroyed? AD 79 2) Who was the emperor in AD 79? Titus, son of Vespasian (who had just died in june, AD 79) 3) What were vespasian's last words? “Oh dear, i think i am becoming a God” Brothel of pompeii - Pompeii building - Second story building - Painting
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