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Lecture 17

ARTHIST 2C03 Lecture 17: Roman Art L17 - Feb 15

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Art History
Martin Beckmann

Writing Assignment: the pompeii Amphitheatre Riot Essay Assignment Pompeii painting - Don’t know exactly where it was found -> just that it is from pompeii - Speculation “found in the house of a gladiator” - Hacking out of the wall, removed and collected. Ended up in Naples archaeological museum. Has been connected to the text by Tacitus (pg62) Question: does this painting really represent the event described by tacitus? - Carefullt study the painting, “the account of tacitus” - And rely on the two other images - And does the painting represent the event - Make your arguments clear Places to pay attention too: - Gladiatorial show - Traffiling incidient - Taunting - Stone throwing - A fight with one side winning and the other side winning - Wounded people and dead people The question: - Accuracy of the depiction - Look at the evidence in detail, of the passage. (don’t jump right into the passage to see how its related. How much do you understand about tacitus and how he relates to the events) - Oxford classical dictionary (library website and get this link) - How to cite a dictionary entry: dictionary you get it from, rreference to word, reference to author - OCD s.v. Tacitus (1), authors - Add the tacitus passage as your footnote steps)
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