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Lecture 4

ARTHIST 2C03 Lecture 4: Roman Art L4 - jan 13

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Art History
Martin Beckmann

Republican Rome 753 - Foundation of Rome(legendary) by Romulus and Remus. Romulus soon kills Remus in a brawl and rules as king; a series of kings follow, until the Romans get fed up with kings and change the government to republic. 509 - Foundation of the Republic → when the kings were driven out by Brutus (he is an ancestor of the guy who kills caesar later), Brutus drives to the last king and founds the republic. - Rome goes from the monarchy to republic 5th century - codification of law, rights of plebeians increased 4th early and 3rd century - expansion in italy 211 - sack of syracuse (this is in the hannibalic war with italy) 3rd and 2nd centuries - overseas expansion (in greece, alexander the great is dead and his empire is fragmented) 1st century → civil wars - 88-82: Marius vs Sulla - 49-45: pompey vs caesar - 44-31: octavian cs. Various opponents (octavian is adopted by caesar) - 27 bc - octavian called augustus by senate because he RESTORED the republic, octavian looks at caesar as his father This marks the end of the republic in 27 BC Important Places in Rome - Palatine Hill (Palatinus Mons): palaces of the last emperors are here, along with “hut of Romulus” - Capitoline Hill (Capitolinus Mons): Jupiter’s Temple, Optimus Maximus = the best and the greatest - Tabularium = a storehouse of public records - Forum Romanum: forum means open space, this is the main one. It hosts the senate house and the house of the vestal virgins. It hosts - Campus Martius: male citizens assemble to practice their army w
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