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Lecture 2

ARTHIST 2C03 Lecture 2: Roman Art L2 - jan 10

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Art History
Martin Beckmann

L2: The History of Art History Ancient roman times the biggest of the population was in “subura” Rome 1550 BC How to prove the identity of the sculpture? - You could see that he has military power - Use methods from dating something - Identify the face of the person - Marcus Aurelius - Tokens were not associated with ancient rome in the middle ages, because the statue lost its inscription by the middle ages so they did not know who it was who was erected or on the coins Bernard de Montfaucon (1655-1741) He came up with: Iconographic Analysis, 17th century - Produced a series of books “L’antiquite Expliquee” that Illustration of over 40,000 artifacts (coins, statues, etc) - Iconographic analysis, you need to have background knowledge to do this - This is the study of the subject matter and content of a work of art. Requires knowledge of the ancient culture that produced it. J.J. Winkelmann (1717-1768), He came up with: Style/stylistic Analysis, 18th century - Student of classical greek philology ( the branch of knowledge that deals with the structure, historical development, and relationships of a language or languages.) - He takes a job classicizing and describing sculptures in Rome - Stylistic: how details of body and clothing are rendered, how a figure is posed, how multiple figures are arranged
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