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Lecture 5

ARTHIST 2C03 Lecture 5: Roman Art L5: jan 17

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Art History
Martin Beckmann

Veristic Sculpture and Ancestor portraits Picture → Rostra, ca. 44 BC, reconstruction by “digitales forum romanum” project - Pliny the Elder wrote an encyclopedia. - He died in the eruption of Mount Vesuvius Quote (about natural history, in the textbook): - Kings expelled from rome in 509 BC - Harmodius and Aristogeiton (first publicly displayed and dedicated statue) - The romans had copies of this statue in Italy, well known in Pliny's time Roman Statues (100 BC) - Aulus Metellus/The Arringatore - a roman magistrate, and he has his arm raised in the gesture that he's about to start a speech. Statues like this (not this in particular) are what are setup on the rostra who gave great services to the state. - The romans sometimes had a less defined line between public and private _____ (?) Polybius: (what was the point of this whole passage) - He was an eyewitness to many events he retold - Kind of a mannequin with a head on top of the earlier relatives is carried into the funeral service (?) - He thinks the reason behind this: the chief advantage is, that by the hope of obtaining this honorable fame, which is reserved for virtue, the young men are animated to sustain all danger, in the cause of the common safety. - Body is carried in procession, to the ROSTRA in the FORUM. Sometimes the body was posted in a reclining position, but it was mostly in an upright position on the rostra. Someone from his kindred would ascend the rostra and extol the virtues of the dead (the great things he did in his life) - Buried with usual rites and a image of the person is made a shrine in their family home - Different colour robes were assigned for their role in society Comparing Augustus Prima Porta to Aulus - Classical mouth - The brows on augustus are stern - Aulus has more hellenistic details with details of furrows/wrinkles - Aulus style is Verism, Veristic (l
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