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Laura Parker

Nov. 25 – 2B03 25/11/2011 10:28:00 AM Material after mid term weighted a little more heavily. Merger of Bullet cluster Galactic cannabilism (eating of small galaxies by big galaxies) - classic example happening in the milky way.  Lot of mass in the dark matter halo.  Milky way ripping away dwarfs Bullet Cluster - 2 clusters colliding.  As they collide, we can separate parts of the galaxy  Collionless vs, collioning Structure in the Universe  Even though black holes relatively small, it can affect the whole galaxy around it.  Are there things bigger than galaxy clusters? o Reason she stops at galaxy clusters – the largest gravitationally BOUND systems. Stable system. o There are structures on larger scales but are not gravitationally bound. Superclusters, Walls, and Voids.  Position plot of stars in the nearby universe. Distribution is not perfectly uniform. Clearly some overdensities and places where no galaxies at all.  Galaxies clump into big scales  Walls – where there is a lot of galaxies  Voids – devoid of galaxies  As you move away of origin, you can only see the brigher ones. o On small scales, big fluctuations – wall or void o On bigger scales, looks uniform though. Brief History of our Universe  CBT – baby pic of universe. o Fluctuations already in place. o SOmething happened right after Big Bang that set up
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