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McMaster University
Laura Parker

Nov. 9 – 2B03 09/11/2011 10:27:00 AM Big bang – universe started out small and hot.  Foggy to transparent – key prediction. o Also, big bang nucleosynthesis, expansion… Will the universe expand forever?  Balance between stuff in the universe vs energy in the expansion. o If more energy than gravity (matter), then expansion forever. o iF matter more, it might stop. o Dark energy complicates this. Boomerang Balloon Project  CBR  Lots of matter - more blobs.  Very good evidence that we live ina universe that is spatially flat. And we have lots of matter, but not so much that it will recollapse on itself. We live in a universe that is expanding forever 1 thing that we haven’t spoken about – first fraction of a second.  So far – nucleosynthesis, CBR – predicted observed.  Today - less certain. Inflation era of universe –topic of the day. Not a fundamental part of the big bang but an addon  Inflation model 1980s.  Big bang 1950s millionth of a second A.B  very soon – particles named different than before.  Few minutes old to 300,000 - fundamental particles were protons, nuetrons, electrons.  now, there ar eno protons or neutrons. what exist are quarks – able to form very early in the universe (fraction of second).  light constantly interacting w/ particles.  state of matter - quark plasma . as time goes on, universe expands and cool – reaches temp where protons and nuetrons will form. after quark plasma, nucleosyntehsis and CBR. ifnlation era – incomprehensibly small time after big bang.  First suggested in 1980. Theory not really worked out.  Like string theory – can develop theories, but have to be falsifiable and testable.  favoured theory for early universe. not 4 fundamental forces, no particles -> false vacuum – at extreme energies, everything exists in this state called the false vacuum.  No objects in the false vacuum, and theres no light, False vacuum looks like nothing.  there’s no stuff – just energy. false vacuum - empty but filled w/ energ. if you have lots of energy in a space, it has propensity to expand.  Built in springiness. Like the peanut box that comes out.  Coord
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