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Laura Parker

Sep. 28 – 2B03 28/09/2011 9:26:00 AM Speed of light is independent of motion (observer)  Led Einstein to theory of special relativity. Special Relativity:  1) If you’ve got people moving at different speeds, if they are moving at a constant speed, the laws of physics will be the same.  Time must be observer dependent. High-speed train thought experiment. Person outside would see light at the back of the train first (wouldn’t be simultaneous like before). Another thought experiment – mirror and light source  Me sitting in my seat observing the light observe it to be longer than the skateboard himself. o I think his clock running slowly, and he thinks my clock is running slowly. Simultaneity does not exist for observers moving at different speeds. "Moving clocks run slowly”  Effect size depends on speed. o Closer to speed of light, larger the effect. We never detect relativistic effects because nothing in our earth really moves at the speed of light or anywhere close it. You cant tell which one is moving fast (A, B).  A thinks A is not moving and B is moving to the right.  B thinks B is not moving and A is moving to the left. As an observer is moving quickly, his clock slows down – special relativity.  Experiments done w/ clocks.  Experiments done w/ partic
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