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Oct 72B03 07102011 94800 AM Arrived 15 mins late Thought experimentspaceship and balls If the experimenter drops balls the SPACESHIP moves up to meet the balls Astronaut inside a spaceshift seems like gravity BUT bottom of rocket accelerates to meet the ballConclusioncant determine gravity present or noto Principle of equivalencePrinciple of EquivalenceCannot tell the difference in a gravitation field or an accelerated frame of referenceLeads to predictions For ex light Spacetime and GravityLeftgravitational frield Right boxaccelerating frame of reference Light doesnt really bend in a gravitation field that much For a 10m distance bends about the size of an atomo Tiny effect for everyday experiences Universe has a much larger scaleeffect may increase significantly Larger masses will also increase the deflection How can we make this big enough to seeCouple years after Einstein published GR there was going to be a solar eclipsegood time to test GRo During eclipse you can see stars in the middle of the day You know where they are in the absence of the sun night sky
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