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Laura Parker

Sep. 27 – 2B03 27/09/2011 9:34:00 AM Modern definition of the metre.  Vs. the historic piece of metal sitting in France. Mass – piece of metal sitting in France.  Defined by. GRAVITY 4 fundamental forces of nature. Strength of gravity:  Strong enough to kee moon in orbit around earth  Keeps galaxies together o Balance between gravity of mass and motions of the stars. Gravity acts on short as well as really long ranges. Is it a strong force (relative to other forces?)  The Big Crunch idea -> possible scenario for outcome of the universe (not the favoured model).  It is strong - the big crunch has gravity at its base. Gravitational attraction between neighbour and I are small.  Force is too small. Other fundamental forces:  1) Strong force – only imp. on incredibly small scales o Keeping protons and neutrons in the nucleus -> keeps corks together. o *We are using strong force as our metric.  2) Electromagnetic force – o interaction of light w/ matter -> keeps atoms together o 100x less strong than Strong force. o Infinite range.  3) Weak force – main importance in nuclear decay (fission processes). o Only force imp. for neutrinos. o Pretty weak o Significantly weaker than Strong force.  IMP. forces for atoms & molecules.  4) Gravity – force of attraction of one amass on another
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