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Laura Parker

Oct. 12 – 2B03 12/10/2011 9:29:00 AM General relativity – more mass, more curved spacetime is  Spacetime tells matter how to move. o As well as light – light moves through curved space-time. GR - all that Newton did not predict. Gravitational waves – fundamental prediction of GR.  Haven’t observed any. Quantum gravity – combining large and small scales, in order to understand extreme things in the universe.  Black holes ex. Tidal Forces  tides due to tidal forces – differential gravity o prof standing – gravitational pull different than her feet and head (tiny effect). If she stood close to black hole, it would be really strong and you would be stretched out. These differential forces have dramatic effects of earth. o tides on earth due to moon’s gravity. Extra-solar planets.  Finding planets not in our solar system, don’t orbit about or sun.  Some stars can burn deuterium.  IF you have nuclear burning, you are a star. o You are not a planet. Finding Planets around other stars is very difficult  Reason – stars – big, bright. Planets are way smaller and dimmer – trying to see them is incredibly difficult.  The Transmit method - watch a given star for a long time and you measure how bright that star is over time. If star has planet orbiting, for a short period of time, planet going to block some of the star light. o Technique simple, but hard to do, because the dip (when planet goes in front) is often unmeasurable. o For it to work, star needs to be big and EDGE ON  Edge on - Has
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