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Sep. 23 – 2B03 23/09/2011 9:23:00 AM Recent research (last day or two):  Discovery -> neutrinos (small massed particles) observed to move faster than light. o Given the distance (Italy to Switzerland [between 2 particle labs]). o Prof has spoken to other profs and they believe it can’t be true (there has to be some error). The researchers said they were really conservative and cant find any errors. o Main criticism -> error of 10 nanoseconds (others believe it should be bigger) o Likely a systematic error, but if no one can explain this -> big finding. o 60-80 nanosecond difference between light and neutrino speed (in the expt)  Everything in special relatively comes from the idea that nothing can travel faster than c. Main concept of last time – raisin bread shit. Visible light is a tiny portion of all electromagnetic radiation in the universe. Gamma Rays  Very energetic  Used in medical procedures X-Rays  Still very energetic Reason why UV light is damaging is because it is high energy. Really long wave lengths -> radio waves -> transmitting communication. Not expected to know the slide that has the vertical spectrum. Gamma ray bursts – first detected by cold war  Nuclear bomb also gives off high energy gamma rays.  Soviets were pissed that Americans were testing, but it was really an astronomical event. X-Rays  Things that emit x rays are hot gas, AGN (active galactic nuclei) –x ray coming from the centre of galaxies, they are associated w/ black holes. UV  Young hot stars Infrared we detect stuff with dust in the universe.  We use all different cameras for all the spectrum wavelengths. Radio - 21-cm radiation  Atomic (neutral) hydrogen dominates the universe, but we cant normally see it. Only at this wavelength. Back in the day, we only had the ability to detect it only at the visible spectrum.  Now, we got the techn
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