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Laura Parker

Sep. 21 – 2B03 21/09/2011 9:29:00 AM Extensions on deadlines:  Project sign up: Sept. 30  Project proposal: Oct 7 th Cosmology – study of the origin and evolution of the universe Universe expanding  1) Distances to other galaxies -> standard candles (observed brightness vs. true brightness)  2) Doppler shift – shifting red or blue In our telescopes, we install a prism (or a grading) which measures the spectrum of light.  After it passes through a prism, you can see how much light is in each of the spectrum colours. In Astronomy, we have 2 ways to collect data: 1) Imaging  Simplest 2) Spectroscopy - measuring the spectrum of light. Farther away a galaxy is, the faster it is moving away.  Hubble’s Law  Its not that galaxies are moving away RELATIVE TO US, its that everything is moving away from everything. V = Hd Implications of Hubble's Law  1) As time goes on, galaxies should be more and more farther apart. If we moved time backwards, galaxies should be moving closer. o We can look back in time, lookback time!  Density of galaxies goes up in the past -> exactly what Hubble predicted w/ expanding universe.  Analogy of universe to raisin bread. o As the bread rises, raisins get further apart.  2) The universe may have had
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