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Biochem 2B03 Lec 7 - There are 2 replication box come out from oriC. - DNA synthesis using stDNA as a template. Becuz of antiparallel duplex, Leading strand read from 3’5’. - Lagging = semi-discontinuous . Okazaki = ~100bp in length. Both strands move in - same direction but in a different fashion. - 3’ OH group is attached to the alpha phosphate on the deoxy-NTP. .. gamma- beta-- alpha (Attached to 3’OH on the upper sugar) phosphate - pyrophosphatase : used to label any enzymes that can remove any kind of phosphate. Special to hydrolyze the pyrophosphate at the phosphodiester linkage. - E.coli DNA polymerase o 3 common : Pol 1, Pol II and Pol III (remember only Pol 1 and Pol 3) o Pol 1: DNA repair, DNA synthesis start from making RNA as a primer. The primer needs to be removed at the end of replication, pol 1 removes it and also fill in the DNA nucleotides into the gap. o (study table 28.1, not the mass and molecular weight) o Pol 3: remember what is the function of proteins. T 28.2, the first 2 form a complex nicely.. theta make sure the 2 above binds and together.. o Any DNA polymerase has a tendency to make mistake, 3’ exonuclease removes it and put back the correct bp. o Beta Sliding clamp: permanent association with DNA. These donut go through the single stranded DNA. Like a body guard to protect people. Try to get polymerase to stay on and continue it’s job. o Tao unit is the linker to bring the two polymerase together. o Memorize the whole Table 28.2 o Pol
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