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Karen Mc Garry

Biochemistry 2EE3 Lecture 1 • Best way to study for tests is to find matching material to lecture notes in textbook and cover that • Lecture notes not a substitute for textbook • • • Certain biochemical features (ex. enzymes for dissolving sugars) are present in all living organisms • Pre-biotic: no cells, but something developing in Earth • • How did life originate? o Supernatural o In cosmos and brought to Earth  How did complex molecules (ex. cell) originate in cosmos o On Earth  Strongest indication: stromatolites contain layers of sediment mixed with bacteria and are identical to old stromatolites, therefore likely to have originated on Earth 3.5 billion years ago • • Three billion years before cell occurred, life was there • • Miller & Urey: o Combined many gasses in sphere that were present in early atmosphere and exposed to electric spark which yielded organic compounds o Therefore complex molecules can originate from simple gasses • • • Trend of concentrations of ion in seawater and extracellular fluid is the same o This does not prove that life originated in ocean: this is impossible because ocean has little life o But life originating in estuary, marsh is possible • • Must know basic chemical groups • • How do we go from simple molecule to form polymers? o Polymers are more versatile than monomers: can catalyze reactions, can fold into different shapes o Condensation reactions shown • • Replication of polymers is most impo
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