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Lecture 13

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Karen Mc Garry

Biochemistry 2EE3 Lecture 13 • • • Channel allows passive transport • Pumps allow active transport, use a lot ofATP to transport against concentration gradient • • Two types of passive transport • Carrier: hydrophobic exterior, hydrophilic binding site which diffuse through membrane – called ionosmall molecules which pass through membrane, goes according to concentration and electrochemical • Channel forming • • Synthesized by bacteria • • Malfunctioning of heart associated with malfunctioning ion channel proteins which inhibits electrical stimulus of heart • Without knowing 3D structure of ion channels, do not know how they work • Crystallized ion channel from bacterial worm because it was much simpler than human ones • Source of potassium channel is from KcsAbacteria who live in high temperature • Synthesized protein from genes and predicted which parts should be interior and transmembrane • Cut off everything except transmembrane part • Four subunits, in closed conformation • Ions do not go through ion channels without water, a lot of energy must be invested to remove water molecule • Hydrations costs a lot of energy about 100kcal, energy larger than the energy of some chemical bonds • Water is not replaced bycause there is no oxygen • Red areas are negative charges, hydrated ions can byt in middle, can be easily replaced by oxygen atoms • • • Only one channel discussing in detail – favourite proteins, on midterm • Details of selectivity filter, which discriminates potassium ions from all others by • Green: K, red: O • Binding site #1: 8 O atoms around K, costs nothing for K to get rid of H2O because surrounded by O, transferred
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