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Lecture 17

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Biochemistry 2EE3 Lecture 17 • • • • • • Overall process of anaerobic glycolysis showed • Pyruvate consumed to generate lactate • Pain in muscle due to lactic acid build up (low pH, high concentration of protons) • Pain is a signal to stop working or else destroy muscle • • Small fraction of total energy in glucose • Lactate is end product of glycolysis • Reduced molecules have a lot of energy, therefore lactate not a waste molecule • Lactate is carried by the blood to the liver and new glucose is synthesized • • Fast twitch: white increased • More efficient metabolism means anaerobic metabolism • Cytochrome moelcuels have a lot of heme groups, cytochrome involved in oxidative phosphorylation • • Ethanol to acetaldehyde to ethanol • Not occurring in humans • Produces alcohol as energy reserve • NADH provides energy to invest from acetaldehyde • Very low activity because no oxygen, less efficient • • Chart is shown on right • One carbon is cleaved off of pyruvate to form • Acetyl is only two carbons, but has a lot of energy • Acetyl coAgoes to citric acid cycle • Citric acid: high energy co-enzymes produced (NADH, FADH) but are not immediately consumable, therefore go to oxidative p
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