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Boris Zhorov

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12 Ion Channels! Carrier Ionophore: Carry ions through lipid bilayer via diffusion Channel-forming Ionophore: Channel spans entire bilayer through which ions can diffuse Valinomycin:ionophore for K+. Its shape makes it highly selective to K+. L and D Valine residues. KcsA: Bacterial K+ channel tetramer. Contains a selectivity filter for K+. Can manage 8 4 10 ions per second, 10 times a greater rate than that of valinomycin. Functional groups at openings geometrically favour only K+ ions. Ligand-Gated Ion Channels, such as nicotinic Ach receptors, have 4 transmembrane helices and 5 pseudo-symmetric subunits. Antagonized by bungarotoxin, tubocuraine (arrow poison curare) and
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