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Lovaye Kajiura

Biology – Chapter 11 Lecture Notes October 1, 2012 Cross section of cilia – transformation Mitosis – Video/Bioflix Mitosis-growth, heal, repair Binary fission – ecoli – Animals, fungi, plants – cell cycle – consists of getting ready – interphase Interphase Gap 1 – growing (80%) – cell growth &replication of organelles – mitochondria, ribosomes, microtubule arrangement. Red – actin filaments – green microtubules – blue dna getting duplicated S Phase – DNA synthesis (chromosomes replicate) – 2 sister chromatins on each chromosomes G2 phase – continuation of G1 – cell growth and duplication of organelles continue to build hthe protein “machinery” – golgi etc Not just separation – but merge into one another Why do Gap Phases exist? - Checkpoints for regulating control of mitosis so that they can grow & reproduce properly - Before mitosis occurs, the parent cell must be large enough in size and must have made the required organelles, so that daughter cells will operate normally - Checkpoints screw up – cancer - Thalidomide – drug to recognize cancer cells – to interfere with blood vessel development What is G0 phase? - The non-dividing state - See cell cycle – where does it occur? - Mature, fully formed nerve cells and muscle cells (heart) - Question: if cells in non-dividing states – is it always in that phas
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