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Lecture 22

BIOLOGY 1M03 Lecture 22: Lecture 2 - Dr. Quinn

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Ben J Evans

Thursday, March 2, 2017 Lecture 2 Dr. Quinn Bio 1M03 Genetic Basis of Behaviour What is it that explains behaviour 1) Ask as an proximate question which is a how question, how does behaviour come about example > going to pond in woods, noticing that there are large frogs that are at the edge of the pond, they would leave and wim into deeper water As he walked closer to the pond, he was sending some vibrations that the tadpoles could pick up with their neurons, and went to their tails muscles allowing them to swim into the deeper end of the pond Evolutionary questions (ultimate), why did it happen? What is the evolutionary origin of the behaviour There are terrestrial predators that might come to the edge of the pond and eat the tadpoles So they are going into the deeper end of the pond in order to survive Slide 4 Basis of behaviour, environmental affect and genetic affects in simpler terms, there is a learned element and a genetic element there is a continuum, any behaviour falls along that continuum, we wont talk about epigenetic affects like methylation affects that turn off some genes through generations Slide 5 Evidence for a genetic component to behaviour Deprivation experiments experiment where animal is taken, prevented from learning anything, raising it in isolation we would then test it to see if it has the ability to do the behaviour that it would have been taught 1
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