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Lecture 20

BIOLOGY 1M03 Lecture 20: 20- Behavioral Ecology and Supplementary Information

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Ben Evans

Bio 1M03 February 25, 2016 Behavioral Ecology and Supplementary Information What is Behavior? - What an organism does - How the organism does an action - Innate behavior - Instinctive behavior - Innate and instinctive are hard wired, does not need to be taught - Studied at two levels o Proximate causation describes how a behavior is initiated or expressed; how an organism is stimulated o Canada geese getting ready for migration o Ultimate causation: describes the reason why a behavior exists, the evolutionary significance of the behavior Influence of a Genetic Component on Behavior - Hybridization experiments - Fischer’s lovebird o Nests made with long strips- no tucking behavior o Has a specific behavior when making nest, if given tissue paper, they would cut long lengths of the tissue paper and they will carry it in their beak to go and build their nest o Innate behavior of carrying long lengths and putting it in their beaks - Peach-faced lovebird o Nests made with short strips- tucking behavior o Specific behavior is to cut it in short lengths and carries the tissue paper in its tail feathers in order to carry it back to the nest - Genetically linked traits and behaviors - Alcoholism is genetically linked - They mated the two types of birds together and found that the hybrid cut off medium length pieces and through different trial discovered which carrying technique was easier and more advantageous - Hybrid nests made with intermediate length strips - In first mating season, unsuccessful mating behavior - In later seasons, only head-turning/tucking behavior worked - Through the hybrids it was discovered that there was a genetic link as well as a environmental component - The learning or environmental component is the trial and e
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