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Lecture 22

BIOLOGY 1M03 Lecture 22: 22- Altruism, Sexual Selection, Limits

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Ben Evans

Bio 1M03 March 5, 2016 Altruism, Sexual Selection, Limits Altruistic Behavior - Reduces an individuals personal welfare (fitness) but benefits the recipient’s fitness - Natural selection will favor altruism when the benefits outweigh the costs - Direct fitness: through descendant kin - Indirect fitness: through non-descendant kin - Inclusive fitness: direct + indirect - Hamilton’s rule: Br>C o R= coefficient of relatedness o B= benefit to recipient of the behavior o C= cost to recipient, cost donors individual fitness - Scrub Jay o Remember where they stored food o There are a number of male scrub jays that do not find a partner, but they stay in the environment and help the parents to take care of the offspring (much like an uncle) o The jays that do not make offspring help to raise others offspring, gets food, makes shelter, protect etc. o The male Florida Scrub Jays assist other parents because it advances their inclusive fitness o The assistance increases the representation of genes shared with their brothers and sisters in the next generation by increasing survival probability Reciprocal Altruism - A vampire bat that is unsuccessful will find a successful bat and gets blood from them
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