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Lecture 33

BIOLOGY 1M03 Lecture 33: 33- Ecosystems

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Ben Evans

Bio 1M03 March 28, 2016 Ecosystems Ecosystem - A biological community plus all of the abiotic factors - Climate - Energy - Soil - Nutrients - All things that influence the environment - External energy: solar energy but also chemical energy - Primary producers: organism that can synthesize their own food - Decomposers: organisms that feed on dead organisms or their waste - Consumers: organisms that feed on other organisms - Four components of an ecosystem interact o Abiotic factors, atmosphere, soil, climate o Primary producers: utilize sunlight or chemical energy to synthesize their own food reduced organic substances from inorganic substances o Consumers: organisms that eat other organisms o Decomposers acquire energy from consuming the dead remains of other organisms Mode of Digestion - Autotrophs: self-feeders - NPP: net primary productivity - NPP is the energy invested into generating new tissues - Varies among geological area How have Humans Negatively Impacted Ecosystem? - Oil Spills - Water pollution - Industries - Air pollution and Acid rain - Poor logging practice - Soil erosion Rachel Carson Silent Spring - One of the first people that brought the idea of awareness of the environment - Environmentalist - Negative impact of pesticides - Noticed the number of hawks had decreased (prey birds) Food Diagrams/ Tropic Levels - Trophic levels identify steps in energy transfer - Balsam Fir Food Web - Keystone species are essential to the health and biodiversity of the ecosystem How
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