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Kim Dej

FREQUENTLY ASKED Q UESTIONS FOR B IOLOGY 2B03:C ELL BIOLOGY • I'm confused about when we come to class and when we just watch the podcast? We only come in on Mondays? While the other days we don't? Yes. You are expected to watch the podcasts EVERY WEEK (check the calendar for which ones) and come to the lecture hall on Mondays at 5:30pm to CNH104. Tests occur on Thursdays. Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays are reserved on your calendar for lectures. We recommend that you view the podcasts on Wednesdays and Thursdays at 5:3pm since that time is reserved for this course. • When will the podcast lectures be released? Podcast lectures are posted in the Learning Content folder. So that you know the expectations for each of the exams the podcast material for the first midterm will be posted first, then the podcasts for the second midterm and then the rest of the course. Completion of a quiz allows access to the next lecture. • When we have questions about the podcast content, do we record the time in the lecture when it was said and then ask the question in an email? Should these questions be posted on avenue so students with similar problems also see the answers to them? The answer is the same as for in-class lectures. 1) Come to office hours and bring your notes. 2) Email questions, refer to slide numbers. 3) Post questions on discussion boards referring to relevant topics and lecture/slide numbers where appropriate. • I wish non-lecture based textbook material that will be testable to be explicitly stated in the assigned readings. Testable material stems from the lectures – the textbook is a valuable reference and resource. Use the textbook to clarify concepts and to offer different examples that may help your understanding. Concepts and details tested will be those from lecture. • Will tutorial materials/topics be posted on avenue prior to the tutorial time slot? Yes, papers and other materials will be provided to you prior to the tutorial. • I wish they could have warned us about the online lectures before I signed up. I think that online lectures do the content no justice. The intent of the blended online format is to enhance the content. The lecture time can now be used to emphasize and clarify concepts. This will help you to do better on the test. The in-class lectures will also place the concepts in a research context which will benefit you in upper-year courses and beyond. • I'm concerned that I will have difficulty completing the online lectures. Podcas
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