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Lecture 4

Lecture 4 Summary

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Peroxisome Mitochondria Inner membraneER FunctionSingle membrane bounddouble membraneRERorganelleinvolved in ATP productionbounded by single mem Oxidative and synthetic site for energy conversion nutrientssite for photosyn and reactionsbreak down toxic to energy done mostly by proteins modificationstcompfattyacids into neutral embedded in inner membrane1 destination for secreted H20 and 02 structurehigh levels of ATP proteinsNo genome productionno genomereproduced by fissionReproduced by fission biogenesismito After fissiongrowth requires RERassociated ribos Diff cell different functionssyn and import of new proteinstransport occurs between Golgi Animal cellsplant cellsand RER RER and Golgi target oxidation of fatty acidsnewly synthesized protein to Animal cellssyn of cholesteroltheir specific destinations vis Neuralsyn of plasmogensecretory or cotranslational Seeds conversion of fatty acids pathwayinto carbsSERsyn of fatty Liveroxidation of toxins like acidsphospholipidsalcoholMetabolism of carbs Calcium concentrationBreakdown of fatty acids intoacetyl CoA produces metabolic Gen pathway RER Golgienergy Biproducth202 toxic secretory vesiclessecreted to humans So catalase converts proteinit into h20 and 02Signal PTS1C term SKL Serine Matrixtargeting sequence N term ER signal sequenceN term Sequence Lysosine leucine Most 1850 aa amphiphatic alpha helix 1630 aa residues 1 short common or perox proteinsHydrophobic aa one side N term positively charged end central PTS2N term Some perox and basic vely charged aa at thehydrophobic polar C term proteins use thisoneend ER signal seq directs newlysyn Protein to ER membrane Stop transfer sequence1630 aa Sequence removed during or hydrophobic aaafter translation by signal peptidase found in the ER lumenNecessarysufNecessaryNecessaryyes ficient Sufficientyes GFP cytosolic Sufficientyes GFP cytosolic protein attached with PTS1all protein attached with matrix gfp transported into peroxtargetingall gfp transported into mitoReceptor Pex5 cytosolic protein Import receptor has hydrophobic SRPSignal Receptor Particlerecognized PTS1 via the TPR binding pocket that binds to cytosolic ribnucleoprotein motif 2 alpha helices hydrophobic face of the amphiphatic particle comprised of 6 proteins connected by a loop helix matrix targeting seq Import and 300 nucleotide long RNA receptor with sequenced target Once bound it stalls translation protein binds to tom40 and opens Has a hydrophobic binding translocangrooveBinds tocentral hydrophobic portion of signal seqto the LARGE ribosomal unit and alpha subunit of the srp receptor ER integral membrane
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