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Lecture 7

Lecture 7 Summary

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Kim Dej

Lecture 7 Summary GPCRmost versatile class of receptors Signals include large proteins to small neurotransmitters Participates in every bodily function breathing heartbeat digestion vision smell brain functionGPCRsInteract with a ligand signal outside of the cell1 Results in change in receptor protein conformation2 Transduction of signal inside the cell via interaction with GproteinMedical Applications of synthetic analogs of hormones most drugs work in 2 different wayseither as agonists mimic the natural signal or antagonists interfere with the natural signal Agonistbinds to receptor and mimics normal function Isoproterenolmimics epinephrines relaxing effect on bronchial smooth muscle opening air passages used in treatment of bronchial asthma or chronic bronchitis Many agonists are compounds that interact with a specific form of receptor but not all related variants Heart has 4 alpha adrengenic receptors Three Badrenergic receptors B1increase the heart rate and strength of the heart beat B2widens the airways Pharmaceuticals can mimic epinephrines ability to stimulate B2 adrenergic receptor but not B1Antagonistbinds to the receptor but does no induce hormone response Acts as an inhibitor and competes for receptor binding Ie alprenolol high affinity for epinephrine receptors on cardiac muscle cells inhibits receptor signaling thus reducing contraction rate betablockers treatment of cardiac arrhythmias But agonist and antagonist ha
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