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Lecture 9

Lecture 9 Summary

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Kim Dej

Lecture 9 Summary Cell cycleordered series of events that produces 2 identical daughter cells from a single cell2 main events1 Chromosome replicationDNA synthesis2 Cell divisionChromosome condensation nuclear envelope breakdown chromosomes segregate chromosomes decondense nuclear envelope reforms cytokinesisCell phases G1 growthS synthesisG2 growthM phase mitosis Mphase Phase Description Prophase Chromosome condensation nuclear envelope breakdown spindle assemblyPrometaphase Chromosome attachment to spindles MetaphaseChromosomes alignment at the center of the cell AnaphaseSister chromatid separation to opposite spindle poles Telophase Chromosome decondensation spindle disassembly nuclear envelope reassembly Cell cycle controlRegulated phosphorylationHeterotrimeric protein kinases made up of1 Cyclins regulatory subunit2 Cyclindependent kinases catalytic subunitTogether they form cyclincdk complexes Regulated degradation ubiquitinylation of cyclins and proteolysis via E3 ligase complexes such as APC SCFCyclin CDK complexes Complex Description G1 cyclinCDK preSphaseInduces Synthesis of proteins required for DNA synInduces degradation of s phase inhibitors thus activating S phase cyclinCDK complex to stimulate cell entry into S phaseTargets of phosphorylationS phase inhibitors which targets them for degradation by SCFproteasome complex transcription factors required for syn of S phase proteinsRegulated degradation S phase inhibitors it phosphorylates Sic1 which is bound to Sphase cyclinCDK complex and this phosphorylation allows it to be recognized for degradation by the proteasome complexSCFONCE DEGRADED it allows entry into the S phaseS cyclinCDK prereplication
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