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Lecture 11

Lecture 11 Summary

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Kim Dej

Type of GenesClasses Description Protooncogenes Growth Factors Vsis encodes for the Bsubunit of PDGFsarcoma Small cell lung cancer produces an autocrine mitogen GRP Lung and ovarian cancer produce TGFalpha associated with poor survival Spleenfocusformingvirus SFFVretrovirusethyroidleukemiaBinds and activates Epo receptor on ethryoid progenitor cells glycoprotein gp55 binds to receptor instead of EpoGrowth Factor Receptors 1 Activated Growth Factor ReceptorsDeletion that removes ligand binding site RTK gain of function mutations cause receptor to dimerized even in the absence of the ligand2 Point mutation Ie neuroblastomaaa change from val to glu in TM domain Causes dimerization of the receptor in absence of the ligand And dimerizationactivation 3 Overexpression of receptors too many receptors allow the STP to be activated at low ligand conc Ie Her2 receptor over expressed in women with breast cancer breast cells divide at very low EGF concSignal Transducing Proteins Constitutively active RasG protein in RTK signaling Dpathway Rasmutation in Gly12 that makes it constitutively active Ras oncogene gene present in most human tumors 40skin colon bladder lung etcTranscription Factors Stimulate transcription of genes that progress the cell cycletargets of RasMAP kinase pathway fos junOncogenic forms of virally infected cells vjun vfosConstitutively active promoters3 deletion increases longevity of the RNA and increases protein production Unregulated expression of fos and mycAntiapoptosisApoptosisprogrammed cell deathRegulators of apopAntiapoptoticbcl2 and BclXL Bcl2first identified apop gene and it was cloned from human follicular lymphomasPromotes cell survival despite genomic or cellular damage
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