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Joe Kim

Lecture 4March1012239 PMProtein TargetingAfter proteins have been translated they can take two pathwaysPosttranslational After translation is complete the signal sequence is translated last which then transports the protein to a targeted locationCotranslation While translation is occurring transportation occurs simultaneouslyBoth of these pathways are regularly used by cellsProtein Transport to MitoPerBefore getting into how transportation of proteins occurs in mitochondria or peroxisomes defining the 5 characteristics of the transportation pathway are important These areSignal sequence located on the protein 1Receptor for the signal located on the target2Translocation channels3Coupling to ATP hydrolysis4A path for the targeting proteins leading to the different locations within an organelle5Protein Transport in a PeroxisomeAbout the PeroxisomeBound by a single membrane1Oxidative and synthetic reactions break down of fatty acids catalase breaks down hydrogen 2peroxideDoes not have a genome3Reproduction by fission4FunctionsLiver Oxidation of toxins such as alcoholAnimal cells cholesterol synthesis oxidation of fatty acidsNeural cells plasmogen synthesisPlant cells oxidation of fatty acidsSeeds conversion of fatty acids to carbohydratesBreakdownoxidation of fatty acids to acetyl CoA produces metabolic energy plants and animalsConverts hydrogen peroxide to waterProtein transport from cytosol to peroxisomeThe protein is synthesized in ribosomes1This protein is then imported to a peroxisome2The peroxisome grows and then divides creating more peroxisomes3This pathway was found using luciferase which fluorescently labels the catalase enzyme BIO 2B03 Page 1
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