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Lecture 6

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Joe Kim

Lecture 6March1312354 PMCell communication via signallingCells communciate byCell to cell contact junctionsCell to cell via plasmodesmatain plantsExtracellular signalling moleculesSignaling moleculesProduced by signalling cellsInduce a specific response in target receptors from signnalling molecules ligandsResponsesProduced by target cells They receive the signalChange in gene transcriptionCell divisionCell growthDifferentiationChanges in shapeMovementChange in metabolismTwo types of response areFast response changed in enzyme activationSlow response changes in gene transcriptionSignal Transduction Pathway STPA process that cell use to turn a extracellular signal into a cellular response via interpreting the signalThe signal transduction pathway isSignalcellular responseTypes of intercellular signaling Cell to cellEndocrine signaling signals more distant cells1Eg hormone secretion from the pituitary gland via the blood to the testicles testosteroneaParacrine signalling signals that are close PARAllel to the signalling cells2Eg Synapses between two neurons they are right next to each other adjacent cellsaIntegral membrane proteins aproteins bound to the plasma membrane of one cell can directly interact with receptors located on an adjacent cellCell to cell signaling via plasmodesmata in plants BIO 2B03 Page 1
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