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Neurotransmitter Release

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Outline of Lecture 14 (02-21 A; Pevsner) Neurotransmitter Release I. Introduction ++ - Role of synaptic vesicles: release nxt onto presynaptic membrane upon stimulation (Ca ), in a way relatively autonomously from cell body - SV lifecycle: SV formation (direct endocytosis or endosomal), nxt loading, docking, priming, fusion, endocytosis (and possible delivery to endosomes) II. Composition of synaptic vesicles - See p. 5 for list of SV properties (size and composition) - There are lots of proteins and subtypes involved in SV, we will focus on a key few - Major functions of SV proteins - localization in nerve terminal: e.g. synapsins, Rabs - transport across SV membrane: e.g. pumps, transporters, SV2 - docking and fusion: e.g. VAMP, synaptotagmin III. General model of vesicle docking and fusion A) 7S complex - Made of synaptotagmin and VAMP on vesicle and synatxin and SNAP-25 on synapse - Forms a very tight complex in a 4-helix bundle - A model proposed in 1994 implicates these proteins as central to membrane fusion B) The other complexes
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